Our Story

Our goal is simple: to produce fresh, clean, consistently
high-quality produce without compromising the environment.

We’ve grown from a family operated South Australian business; Angel Seafood has
rapidly developed from a traditional oyster-growing business into an innovative and
organically certified, premium producer of Coffin Bay Oysters.

Angel’s organic certification was an industry first worldwide.

Inspired from the positive response from our first crop of oysters, grown to exacting
specifications, we nurtured our ‘oyster heaven’ and it reciprocated – rewarding Angel with
second place during our first entry into the Australian National Oyster Competition.This
invigorated our passion for industry growth and soon after Angel was awarded a gold medal from
the South Australian Oyster Growers Association for the finest dozen oysters for 2013.

Today, Angel’s oysters are enjoyed around the world – from the local, sandy shores
of South Australia, to five-star hotels in Hong Kong. Exciting future plans, present
expansion with the launch of new leases and raising young spat tailored to meet
customer demands.